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India is a developing nation and has 2 major developments scenario. The positive – being urbanization, economic development and therefore it suggests that to attain a better lifestyle and the problematic aspect is the lack of resources like land, water, fuel because of the rise in population.

A mixture of these factors has given the demand to a selected housing culture – flats and apartments. Now, we may not able to afford to live in giant homes with ample gardens and verandas invariably, however, we tend to still like to not sleep in absolute matchboxes whenever we are able to. For this purpose, real estate builders currently style their townships with open areas or spaces.

What is Open Space?
An open area or space is a part of the land or a water body that is created or integrated within an area and designated to stay that way. These Open areas are parks, tree-lined pathways to run, a podium garden, a lake, a human-made pool or a public ground for sports, etc. For residential real estate projects, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, jogging tracks, kid’s play area, etc. would fall into the open space segments.

Most open space adorned with some style of vegetation – be it simply a carpet of grass, a number of shrubs or grownup trees. These pockets of greenery provide a bit of freshness to nature in our concrete jungles.

As humans, we regularly act like creatures of comfort and thus get drawn to larger areas because it signifies a better lifestyle and abundance. Here are some of the advantages of open space in residential areas.

Health Benefits :

The open space of jogging or cycling tracks, or the green areas of gardens and play area, all contribute to several health benefits. As a home buyer, always look for flats or apartments with a maximum number of healthy amenities.

Studies show that worldwide the rate of obesity tripled since 1970. A significant contributor to the issue is uneven and busy lifestyles. Spending a huge amount of our day on different screens, be it for work or entertainment is not doing anybody any good.

While most of us are already aware of this problem & its impact but very few can stay motivated to take necessary measures to curb it. Green open spaces have an amazing effect of positively by boosting both physical and mental well-being. A variety of sports facilities makes residences a bliss not only for you but your kids too! You can relive your playing days or help your kid learn skating and badminton and many more activities.

Agrawal Builders is the first who introduce Podium gardens in their residential projects in Bhopal, designated podiums or simple gardens that serve as great yoga corners. You can enjoy fresh crispy mornings while meditating or doing pranayama or perfect your Surya Namaskar poses!

Economic advantages :

Green open areas not only have health advantages but also major economic ones too. Well-maintained urban areas and inexperienced infrastructure add plenty to the aesthetic price of real estate.

Who doesn’t need to be greeted with birds chirping within the garden or the shimmering ripples of a pool? Surveys say a lot of and a lot of individuals seek for homes getting ready to open areas. The demand for open areas and also the temperament to buy such residences drive the value higher.

Apartments with sports amenities and a lot of open areas invariably get a better come on investment compared to complete residences. This issue makes well arranged out residential comes, higher investment opportunities.

Social advantages :

A healthy social circle is thought to possess a positive result on psychological state and quality of health. Urban open space creates ideal locations to promote social relationships. Residents come to give social advantages to community-living, at the side of safety and security.

Morning jogs, Yoga, or Zumba sessions cannot only bust your stress but also provide you with an opportunity to grasp your neighbors and create new friends. Organizing ceremonies on festivals and events like friendly swimming competitions or Zumba sessions conjointly unite all residents.

Another participating activity for all age teams is community farming. horticulture and physically operating with plants and soil is an extremely pleasant thing. Since the results are tangible, lovely plants and organic turn out is a wonderful reward for the efforts.

Sports has multi-faceted advantages of physical and psychological state and development of social skills. taking part in sports permits children to foster friendships and learn shared aims and leadership skills, they’re additional possible to continue a healthier lifestyle as adults.

Environmental Benefits :

Last but not least comes the ecological edges of making pockets of open areas and green space. Trees and shade attract birds, thus a number of pigeons or crows don’t seem to be the flying beings you see.

Greenery helps in improving air quality. This becomes a vital issue because residential projects face a rising pollution level. The soil of the gardens and parks helps to store in carbon and scale back its emission within the native surroundings.

The size and quality of open areas influence the temperatures of the territory. Concrete clearly soaks in additional heat than soil.
Improved temperatures and air quality will prevent respiratory diseases. Environments benefits in residential townships help or immune us from health problems like headaches, fatigue, irritation, and even depression. returning to a home with higher, breathable fresh air will considerably modify this situation.

Final Thoughts :

When you ready to buy your dream home then make sure to view the open space in the township or project, because open space or greenery space is a small matter of things but it has a high impact in long term. Maintaining & create an open space in a residential project actually make it a part of the city ecosystem, no matter how small it but it contributes to the greenery of the city.

Written By – Mukund Kumar Pandey

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