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Affordable Housing – Corona Effect in Real Estate Sector | Agrawal Builders BLOG

Investors and individuals living in rented accommodation looking towards affordable houses; Trust in renowned & established developers increased.

In the current situation, with the COVID-19 pandemic having carried the economy to for all intents and purposes a halt, it is hard to say how rapidly recuperation will happen. Be that as it may, the cover is an essential need, and housing is the one sector where the request is constant demand is greater than supply. Having arranged the pandemic, numerous families living in a rented house will find out owed homes a better option, and once we are out of the pandemic, this should bring about demand increasing.

This is very relieving news for the real estate sector that the demand for the affordable houses  in Lockdown is about to increase, not only because of the uncertainty arising from the irregularity of the stock market, investors are looking to raise money in real estate and rent property, so that they can earn continuously.

The great thing is that an individual who has given priority to the rental house have started willing on buying their own house.

During the survey, it was also revealed that the extent to which this crisis affected his decision to take home. About 72% of the investors want to invest in the property itself; 16% are those who have postponed their decision to get their own house; 12% said that they did not have any such plan before but now they are willing.

According to the survey conducted by the property advisory company ARNOK  in 14 countries, 48% people are preferring the real estate sector for investment.

The trend has been that till now most of the customers taking home were people who wanted to live in that house themselves but now people are willing to buy a house as an investment due to the unsupervised investment in other sectors.

Along with all these things, Corona has also affected the scale of people buying homes; they want to buy houses from such an established and organized real estate developer where the risk is reduced. The buyer is willing to deal with established developers by paying more for quality than compromising with smaller developers.

The pandemic has brought in the importance of living in one’s own house, and across segments, this will result in demand — let us wait and watch how fast demand for each segment bounces back as a result.

It additionally relies on how we as a country manage the pandemic — and its monetary outcomes. Ideally, we will rise triumphant — and interest for homes may ascend because of the pandemic.

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