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Benefits of North-East Facing Sites/Properties | Agrawal Builders’ Blog |

North-East (Eshan) Direction is the most vital direction/corner of your house that provides firm development to the inhabitants. This extension gives wonderful support to the residents in terms of development, peace, education etc. This direction/corner is governed by Lord Eshan who is answerable for girl’s health, wealth, children, success and education. To get maximum benefits from the North-East facing premises, one should keep it open and away from any serious material.

North-East Facing Site

If North-East corner looks to be cut or loss or truncated the members of the family might suffer with several issues.
Clean and extended North-East facing properties brings prosperity in your house.
• People residing in such a premise area unit are law lasting, matured, successful, well versed and educated.
• North-East direction blesses folks with sensible education, wealth, and career, special interests in creative thinking, fine arts, occult science and analysis work.
• North-East direction called the corner of God; this place is ideally kept to make temple or worship area, however if some sites face North-East then make sure that you don’t keep any junk material up here. Keep it clean and open to receive maximum flow of positive energies around.

Ideal to lead a contented healthy life.

Make your home a comfort place to live in.

About Agrawal Builders: Sagar Group’s Agrawal Builders is a Premium Real Estate Developer Firm with a wide range of Residential Properties in Central India. Agrawal Builders have established their presence spanning 36 years with The Motto − “Building Nation”. Agrawal Builders have a rich experience of building Residential Projects in and around Bhopal, with top quality construction material at best locations with beautiful amenities like Modern Club House, Gymnasium, Swimming Pools, Parks and Garden, etc.

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