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Benefits of Watching Sunrise!!

“Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more.”

Every sunrise is a gift. It is a magnificent time of day and always a new beginning. Sun has energy in ample amount and gazing sun is an old method of healing soul.

When you see sun rising you see how beautifully sky gets its colour and how symmetrically rays spread over tress, houses and buildings and you feel that peace and calmness in your soul. Energy from the sun is one of the peace, feel it and let it run through your being. When you witness sunrise you see the beauty and you start noticing little things which you have never noticed before and life takes you on a brighter cast and you start finding happiness in smallest of details.

The sun can help you in healing by recharging you as sunrays are composed of UV rays which body needs for optimum health. It is also a natural source of Vitamin-D which produces endorphins that keeps you satisfied and happy and prevents depression. Exposure to sun can reduce anxiety and also lowers blood pressure.

Sunlight is good for nervous system. Reduced sunlight can causes depression, nervousness and other health issues and major diseases.

Watching sunrise is the best way to lift your mood and eases mild depression

Always be thankful and show gratitude for living another day! Each day is a beautiful gift and we should be grateful to sun for rising on every gorgeous day. You should feel the wonderful joy which you feel witnessing the awakening of the world another day of love and life.  

Most people stare at harmful blue lights of their screens for hours and not even few minutes for watching beautiful rays of sun.


After reading this I am very sure that every individual has decided to take out some time and change their lifestyle for healthy lifestyle. There is something beautiful watching those colours changing every single moment. Start by gazing sun for 1 moinute when sun is mild red early in morningand gradually increase to 5 to 15 minutes and see the changes in your life and peace in yourself from within.

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