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Life is a hustle in this fast running world and recreational activity is a requirement of time. In a study, it is found out that a person spend minimum one fourth of his salary on recreational activities to feel relaxed and good. In this scenario, Swimming can be a great affordable recreational activity for people of all ages. It provides low impact workout that has many physical and mental health benefits. It’s an all-round activity which you can continue for a lifetime for fit and healthy lifestyle.

According to health consultants in India, an adult should get 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week and Kids should get 60 minutes of some kind of exercise cum sport each day for healthy livelihood.

Unlike other exercises, swimming takes some of the impact stress off your body and still keeps your heart rate up and flushes out toxins from body preventing muscle tightness & soreness. The resistance of water makes the muscles work harder without giving strain or impact compare to the experiences on land.

Some Acute As Well As Chronic Diseases Which Can Be Treated, Cured Or Relieved by Swimming:-

  • Osteoarthritis: It’s a disorder symbolize by joint pain. In swimming, muscles of swimmer unshackled from the constraints of gravity, making it an ideal exercise for people with osteoarthritis and giving them a better option from the excruciating painful weight bearing exercises. Studies showed that, swimming also results in significant reduction in joint pain and stiffness.
  • Cardiovascular disorders: Swimming provides unparalleled cardiovascular conditioning with overall fitness improvement and decreases arterial stiffness, which may cause heart trouble. 12 weeks of swimming shows 10% of improved oxygen consumption and 18% of improved stroke volume (Blood pumped with each beat in heart).
  • Abnormal Body Posture: Swimming helps in improving body posture, coordination, balance and flexibility by strengthening your body core.
  • Asthma: Swimming makes your lungs strong by providing a proper respiratory exercise involving lung’s alveoli. It expands your lung capacity and gain control over your breathing.
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS): It’s a chronic illness involving your central nervous system (CNS), which damages nerve fibres in body. It is symbolize by fatigue, difficulty in walking, pains etc.

While swimming, water makes the limbs buoyant and provides gentle resistance to support MS patients in exercise. It is proved that swimming provides relief in symptoms of MS like fatigue, depression, disability and pain.

  • Dementia: Swimming stimulates brain chemicals that foster the growth of nerve cells, thus helps in recovery from dementia and ultimately try to fights against Alzheimer disease.
  • Depression or Stress: Swimming affects neurotransmitters such as serotonin that influence mood and produces ANP, a stress-reducing hormone, which helps control the brain’s response to stress and anxiety.Thus, it’s a powerful way to relieve stress quickly. Coolness and buoyancy effect of water on body of swimmer provides a relaxing effect with mood lifting benefits.
  • Insomnia: Sleep disorder is another name of insomnia. Sleep cycle of a person depends on many things like health, stress, food and many more. Swimming is an all-rounder sport cum exercise which improves sleep cycle of a person too by reducing calories, stress and pain from body.
  • Obesity: Water is denser than air, which demands more external pressure equally from your limbs compare to out of water exercises, making swimming a hard workout. Obese and overweight people find swimming a better option compare to load bearing aerobic exercises due to its buoyancy effect.Under water exercises fires up more of your body’s fat than other forms of exercises and all of your muscles are used during swimming.

Swimming burns calories same as running in an hour without all the impacts on your bones & joints. 

Calories Torched By Different Physical Activities Are As Follows :-

S. No. Physical Activities ( For an Hour Activity ) Calories
1 Swimming 423
2 Yoga 183
3 Elliptical Training 365
4 Walking 314
5 Cycling 405
  • Metabolism Disorders: Swimming helps in boosting metabolism to keep calories burning longer.
  • High Blood Pressure: Swimming lowers blood pressure among people with hypertension and also controls blood sugar level.
  • Minor Injuries: Swimming prevents back injuries & pain that stem from long stretches of sedentary time and provide good low impact therapy for some injuries and conditions. It increases muscles strength and builds toned longer, leaner muscles.
  • Heat Strokes: During summer days, everybody seeks a way to relax and cool down from sweltering atmosphere. In this scenario, swimming found out to be a renewed interest in outdoor facility.
  • Rehabilitations and many more…….

Swimming is a relaxing, fun and peaceful form of exercise with great health benefits as you can see. It’s a life extending, heart saving activity with many psychological benefits.

As summers are approaching, you can join any swimming camp to learn and to spend your time wisely. Many recreational swimming styles which you can try are breaststroke, backstroke, side stroke and freestyle. It’s a sport which can be added to your quality of life and it’s a life skill which everyone should have.

Researchers shared that an active swimmer reduces his risk of death by half compare to an inactive person. So swim to remain fit and healthy.

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