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Build a Worship Room according to Vastu

Worship Room in the house ensures positive energy. This energy has a great impact on the house, mind, body and soul. For the benefit, it is important to design the worship hall according to the principles of Vastu.

According to Vastu Shastra, North-East is the ideal place for a worship hall. East, North and North-East can also be taken as directions for the place of worship.

In multi-storey buildings, if there is a bathroom or toilet above or below the house, there should be no worship room.

There are some positive rules which should be followed before building a Puja Room so that the atmosphere of happiness, peace, and splendour in the house remains.
1) The floor of the puja room should be white or off-white marble.
2) The idols inside the puja room should be placed in the north-eastern direction of the puja room and one inch away from the walls. Idols should not face each other.
3) While performing the puja one should face towards the east or north.
4) Vastu states that the worship done in the north direction for getting wealth and the east direction for the attainment of knowledge gives miraculous benefits.
5) Burning lamps and conch shells should be done regularly in the morning and evening in the place of worship. By doing this, negative energy will be eliminated and an atmosphere of happiness and harmony will be created in the family.
6) Nothing should be placed on the site where the idol of God is placed and never make the house of worship under the stairs.
7) According to Vastu, the place of worship room next to, or above the toilet or kitchen is not permissible.
8) In the puja room, copper vessels should only be used for special rituals and water should always be collected in it.
9) There should not be a place of broken idols in the worship hall. Prayers should be prayed while facing the east. Photographs of dead people should be avoided in the worship hall.

Although god is omnipresent, there is a need to remember him with sincere heart. Yet if you want to avoid small mistakes in worship then these remedies will gratify your life.

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