“Clubhouse – A place where you can have your own time”!!

“Always find time for the things that make you feel happy and alive.”

Agrawal Builders not only focuses on gaining and building faith and trust amongst customers but also have its priority to retain their customers and provide a healthy lifestyle. Therefore we have provided clubhouse with superior facilities and amenities like Gymnasium, recreation centre,Library, Kids room and all the indoor games in our projects. Residents here can get engaged in activities of their interest and involve themselves in regular physical activity which can help in maintaining lower stress levels. Healthy environment and healthy surroundings always lead to healthy future. Healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mood, mind and attitude. Our clubhouse also maintains neat and hygienic swimming pools, one is baby swimming pool and other is family pool. It can help our members to relax poolside and also to indulge themselves in swimming activity.

Clubhouse also helps in encouraging and enhancing social relations by re-joining worlds of friendship, sharing their level of common interest and to access support and service they may need individually. “Clubhouse” communicates message of membership and belonging which allows you to have your own happy time and rejuvenate with your family members, your children and your near and dear ones.

Our clubhouse is also designed with the purpose of gathering with the provision of banquet hall with the capacity of accommodating 100-150 people. This makes it ideal place for party, corporate event or any other kind of celebrations providing efficient service and the very best value for money.

Thus, clubhouse can give you lot many provisions at one shot and can help you in maintaining a peaceful life and help in lowering your stress levels and releasing anxiety. Taking out time for self is not selfish but necessary.

Fall in love with yourself, taking care of your spirit, your mind and body.


Written By: 

Richa Agrawal – Sagar Group 

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