“Create your own Canvas to energize your Life”!!

“Create your own Canvas to energize your Life”!!

“Life is like canvas, it initiates blank and every day is another brush stroke.”

Colours are very crucial to individual’s well-being and survival. Have you ever seen how harmoniously colours of rainbow are arranged? In similar way colours around us like colours of our clothes, colours of our walls harmonise our spirit, soul, body and environment to give good health and radiant energy. These colours influence moods and emotions in one’s life. So usage of colours and avoiding certain colours expresses one-self by shedding light on personality. Our perception can be affected like when we use light colours on ceiling, it looks high whereas when we use dark colours ceiling seems less in height..

According to Vastu tips:

  • Bedrooms and mediation rooms should be painted in Blue as it is the colour of spring and new beginnings. Too much of blue can lead to cold, cough and similar medical ailments.
  • Study rooms should be painted Green as it creates good atmosphere and symbolizes hope. This colour helps to calm down temper and helps in mood soothing.
  • Rooms which do not get direct sunlight should be painted Yellow as it signifies wisdom and patience. This colour is auspicious for Puja rooms also. This colour represents positive thoughts, optimism and mind stability.
  • People who feel depressed with life can use Orange This colour characterizes good health, energy, ease and comfort. Also aspirants who are willing to achieve desired goals should use orange colour as it also symbolizes determination, goals and energy. similarly
  • Use White colour for ceilings as it encourages purity, cleanliness, luxury and simplicity.
  • To obtain a soothing environment and peace around use shades of
  • Master bedroom and rooms in south and southwest should be painted Pink as it is a colour of happiness and Joy. Red Colour should never be used in bedroom as it might lead to temperament issues.


The thoughtful and purest minds are those which love colour the most.”


Written By: 

Richa Agrawal – Sagar Group 

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