Easy Ways to Make Your 1 BHK Home/Flat More Spacious

Home Sweet Home; everyone has heard about this phrase, but a home can be sweet only if we get proper space to breathe in.

For an individual, Space Management is quite essential when he lives in a 1 BHK apartment.

If you are also feeling the space crunch in your one-bedroom apartment? Here’s an awesome set of tips for a sense of expansion. This will explain to you, how utilizing the space in an ideal manner, can make your 1 BHK flat more spacious.

  • French Windows

They occupy a large space on a wall due to their Floor-to-Ceiling glass windows. It brings fresh air and light which illuminates the entire room and makes your flat look more spacious.

  • Maximum Use Of Vertical Space

Use the ‘Wall Space’ efficiently. The vertical space in our room could have foldable Tables/Chairs, Book Shelves, Foldable Beds. Rather than placing things on the floor, we must use the vertical heights. Vertical space can also be utilized by having wide and long furnishings like long curtains, wide shelves, using wallpapers for the ceiling.

  • Smart Storage

Utilization of Available space in a very useful Manner. Furniture like Sofa, bed, center table can have additional space below it. Modular kitchen or kitchen cabinets provide more space for the utensils, electronic items and kitchen cleaning supplies. For easy maintenance, build cabinets on top of the fridge, under a sink or under the wash basin.

  • Art of Illusion

There are many tricks by which we can make a room look bigger than it seems.

  1. See-through-decors: Like see-through curtains in your bathrooms, transparent glass tables will make your room look bigger.
  2. Mirrors: Can do wonders at making your home seem bigger. Mirrors could face the French Windows or could be placed on a wall or cupboards, kitchen cabinets etc.
  3. Large Paintings: Large paintings in the middle of a wall can create an added illusion. To create a sense of Roominess Paint your walls with bold patterns. Carpets can do magic as you can separate a single room into various compartments by the use of carpets.
  • The Depth of Colors

Colors which have a soothing effect cause an illusion of a wider space. Colors like grey, cream, beige, white and light coffee brown create a magical effect in a small room. A lighter shade of carpet or rug can make a huge difference if the walls have a dark color.

  • Choosing the Right Furniture

Place the table adjoining the wall & use it as you wish: for studying, ironing of clothes, eating food etc. Foldable beds or bed-cum sofa are very spacious. A sense of Roominess can be created when furniture is lower to the ground.


Written By:

Nidhi Chouhan – Agrawal Builders






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