Fish Aquarium – Master key of Success and Harmony!!

We know that every living thing in this universe has a certain amount of energy in them and if it is placed in correct location it dissipates harmony for us and the same logic applies to fish aquariums in Vastu Shastra.

Beautiful and attractive fish aquariums have high importance in Vastu Shastra as they rectify Vastu defects because when the aquarium is placed correctly it becomes key for success and harmony and if placed incorrectly it may ruin happiness.

When any person suffering from a disease like high blood pressure, anxiousness, stress etc. staring at these tranquil beauties of Fish aquarium helps in curing such diseases.

Vastu Shastra suggests that fish aquarium should be placed in a living room, it can also be placed with moderate light and with good ventilation. It should be placed in the East or North direction only. When placed in the southeast direction it brings wealth. Elements of Fish Aquarium are Water and fishes. Water inside the tank symbolises life and if water is moving up by any means (Pump, blower etc.)it represents positive energy flow and liveliness. Movement of fish enhances and generates positive energy and attracts wealth, prosperity and happiness. The speed of movement of fish in aquarium i.e. their rapidness is directly proportional to the generation of positive energy which attracts happiness, prosperity and wealth.

Vastu tips for Fish Aquarium:

  • Healthy and ornamental fish should be kept in tank and should be in number 9.
  • A combination of gold fish and a dragon is very auspicious. 8 should be similar.
  • Make sure that only one person feeds those fish regularly. Feeding to hungry fish adds to good karma.
  • At least there is an end to one of your problems permanently when fish dies naturally. When this happens don’t panic, take out the fish and clean the aquarium.
  • Aquarium helps in generating positive energy and elimination of negative energy and attracts good fortune.
  • Observing and staring at fish brings calmness in mind and relaxes the human body.
  • Colourful and attractive fish draws attention of guests and also if they give off any negative energy it gets absorbed by fish aquarium and gets converted into positive energy.
  • According to Hindu Mythology, first reincarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth is fish and hence they are believed to absorb huge amount of negative energy and radiate positive energy.

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