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A podium garden is an open space above the ground level, located at the intermediate floor in a high rise building. It beautifies the surrounding and helps to attain low carbon high performance buildings. It is visible and accessible to the private residential neighbourhoods providing sense of security, safety, hygiene and community feeling. Main purpose of this design is to improve the social and physical qualities of living environment with social sustainability.

In this era, where towers and podium designs dominates the urban landscapes, podium garden can be known as secondary ground space. Podium gardens attract more people than ground street space. It facilitates walking path, greeneries like plants, benches, play area for kids, concealed seating areas etc.

In last decade, more than 4 Lakhs trees were cut down in Bhopal in the name of development and smart city projects. Bhopal shows a massive decline in forest area from 35% to 9% from 2009 to 2019. As on 15 January 2020, the Air Quality Index (AQI) of Bhopal stands at 47.27 signifies as Moderate to High in respect toxicness of environment. The city’s air pollution degrading day by day due to unplanned development, cutting of millions of trees, construction dust and approx. 24 lakhs running vehicles on Bhopal roads.

Sustainable development is a need of time and podium gardens, being a phytoremediate in concrete canyons of cities helps to reduce pollution up to 8 times more than the previous believes. They are effective at filtering polluted air as they remove harmful pollutants like Nitrogen dioxide, PM (Microscopic Particulate Matters), Ozone etc by reducing their concentration from surroundings up to 40% for NO2 and 60 % for PM (Microscopic particulate matters) and indemnifying the carbon footprint of both people and fuel emissions. Podium gardens also help in fighting the urban heat island effect of developing cities and reduce the water runoff up to 50%.

Eminenceof Podium Garden

Lifestyle and Integrity: Being around plants and happy open spaces, people develop good habits as their lifestyle. There is a positive correlation between podium gardens and level of healthy activities of the residents. Exercise makes people less susceptible to physical ailments and more resilient against minor illness. Studies show that being outside in environment can improve memory retention power up to 20% and fight attention deficit disorder. Podium gardens helps in achieving higher concentration at work, better performance with greater accuracy, leading to a quality results and feeling of vitality.

Natural Aesthetic Beauty: Podium gardens are aesthetically pleasing and creativity stimulators. They have soothing effects on humans, channel their stress into nurturing and provide inexpensive (Free often) convenient recreational service.

Visual Connectivity: The Tall Towers of Building stood around the podium garden, giving it great visual integration and connectivity. Safety and security enhances when hidden space reduces. Unimpeded view improves public monitoring, cleanliness and feels more wide welcoming.

Community Cohesion: Emotional perception, belief of belonging, attachment and commitment towards a group creates a sense of community. Podium garden promotes gatherings, interactions, participations, recognition, care, passion, Idea and Information exchange in a community. Peer to peer relationships improves resulting in formation of shared bonds.

Accessibility: Openness and visibility increases accessibility of any space. It signifies by reachability and convenience to pass through. As accessibility consider as a foundation to achieve sociability in a public space, a barrier free approach of a podium garden helps in obtaining social sustainability.

Safety and Security: Sense of residential satisfaction comes after achieving sense of safety and security. Spatial visibility provides safety and security in a space. Podium gardens consist open, straight or curvy roads, presence of trees, transparency of fences, presence of light and presence of other people which provides feeling of security and safety in open spaces.

Appreciation of Property: Property Value of a place increases when community cohesion lowers the crime by providing support and public monitoring and beautiful landscapes are generally associated with higher quality of living. It also appreciates environmental consciousness.

Stress Buster: Creates positive energy, help people to feel relaxed, secure, improves moods, and thus reduces person’s stress level and anxiety. Podium gardens give people an excellent coping mechanism for their daily frustration, converting stress feelings into comfort and joy.

Protect native Flora and Fauna: Urbanization and industrialisation threatens our flora and fauna. In a scientific study, it is found that podium garden helps in protection of Bee populations. Create habitats for birds. Also prevent the mitigation of biodiversity.

As we all know healthy people are happier people, green space experience is what podium gardens provides in this hustle and bustle of inner city living. At no cost, it provides aesthetically pleasing area for exercise, leading to much healthier lifestyle and subsequently reducing health care cost. Podium gardens allow neighbours to become families and friends by acting as a social pulse of a township.

Being an open space of happiness, podium gardens work as a pleasing visual stimulator and increases perceived happiness of a person, giving a more optimistic outlook on life.

For the first time in Bhopal, Agrawal Builders and Colonizers bestows this technique of sustainable development with their 2 projects – Sagar Life Style Towers at Misrod and Sagar Lake View Homes, Phase-2 at Ayodhya Bypass Road, providing greater pride feeling to the residents in the beauty of where they live.

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Darshana Rathore

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