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Positive Impacts of Living Near Water!!!

“Who hasn’t dreamed of waking up every morning and cherishing the serenity and calmness??”

Most of us wish we had a home on a lake shore/riverside or next to a nature’s beauty. The lake
facing homes definitely brings a soulful rhythm to your mind and body. The air flow from the lake/
river side is charged with negative ions, which helps our body to absorb oxygen, improve alertness
and complete free radicals. Also, balances the serotonin levels in our body which is essential
chemical associated with mood and stress.

Living by the water will not only lower the level of stress in your life, but also it will increase your
immune system of your body. Reducing the stress level means that your body has more power to be
healthy, energetic and vibrant. With the fresh air, enough sunshine and the daily dose of vitamin,
you will surely notice a big boost ion your immune function.

There are many options to choose for living near water, from river sides & next to waterfall, to ocean
fronts or islands. Apart from the beautiful scenery view living near water has many benefits and
advantages. It can cleanse your soul, benefit your health and gives you peace & calmness. Living
near water will always bring a happy and healthy life.

Many Researches has shown that our body and mind tend to have a personal and emotional
relationship with water, it is also known as “Blue Mind” effect. It’s a state of mind when our
body and soul feel more relaxed when near water. Notice how you feel more meditative as
soon as you get near Lake, River or ocean. You almost forget everything that caused you
stress, and focus on the calming sounds and the feel of the water.

Bhopal is blessed to have such a beautiful crown of lake to which lies a stretch of luxury
residencies in the same area. Your home has a serene view which means you have an
expanse of clear sky and calmness of lake.

Here are many reasons why living near water benefits and improves your health.
Whether you are looking for a home near lake or river or somewhere on the beaches of sea,
finding one near water will give you much more than just a home.

Enjoy the Blue, the Blooms & the Blessings…
Assured at Sagar Lake View Homes


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