The Morning Sunrise…The Serene View and Your Own House!!

How awesome it feels when you owe your own house where you witness serenity and calmness. The sound of waves that brings inner peace and waking up to cool breeze that gushes from the windows and glaring at the sunrays that shine on beautiful lake this is how one can define Luxury living.

Everything starts with sunrise, and it’s what we do before it sets that matters. Your duty is just to be happy and maintain calm within. The calmness can be brought when you have a peaceful living. Living in a lake facing apartment can be beneficial for health since there is less air pollution and you can experience fresh breeze. During sunset colours of landscape looks more beautiful and the wind picks up and it makes you proud and self – content to live in such a BEAUTIFUL LOCATION

The lake facing homes definitely brings in a soulful rhythm to mind and body. Bhopal is blessed to have such a beautiful crown of lake to which lies a stretch of luxury residencies in the same area. Your home has a Se-Rene view which means you have an expanse of clear sky and calmness of lake.

Bhopal brings such acquisition “Sagar Lake View Homes – I & II” andhas been an incomparable destination for than 350+ families. This little slice of paradise is situated in 10 acres of land with flats facing Hathaikheda Dam where you can witness complete serenity.Here resident can unwind with their relatives, friends and their loved ones at the pools, or indulge in gym and club house activities and boost their energies by inhaling the fresh air. The ambiance is perfect and view of the lake is hard to beat.

The blessings of PEACE

The beauty of CALMNESS

The spirit of POSITIVE SOUL

The comfort of HEALTHY LIFE

May these be your gifts for your HAPPY LIVING!!

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