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Todays, Home-buyers are not only keen on a great property but also for the open spaces and amenities have become important parameters on which decision is based, before investing. For a long, builders have focused on or determined the quality of properties developed. But now, there is a change in the pattern, home-buyers are looking for more, and beyond quality. Home-buyers are now shown more interest in real estate properties that have must have required amenities and open space reserves.

In the real estate industry also, the developers are now increasingly focussed on the experience they can build for the investor over and above the quality of their projects. Homebuyers look for the construction quality, location, size, cost, etc. of the houses on offer. What creates a major differentiation in a home-buyer or investor’s mind today is the quality of amenities provided within the project. Another factor that contributes to the rise of this culture is the scarcity of time in all our lives. Most families are left with a limited amount of time because of their jobs and today’s work culture, they prefer a community that can provide them with all amazing amenities like the entertainment/stress-busting options within the project premises.

So, what are the must-haves amenities, and what do they offer? Here are some of the amazing amenities which are in high demand and home-buyer must keen about it.

A fully functional Clubhouse :

A clubhouse today isn’t just about a multipurpose party hall; but now encompasses offerings like office spaces, creche, gymnasiums, guest rooms, swimming pools, kids activity areas, and many more. The clubhouse itself is the heart of the project in most cases now and rightly so. While having all these amenities on campus then there is no need to go outside and do any extravagance, also many other co-curricular activities options are available for customers.

Podium Garden :

A podium garden is a green and open space above the ground level, located on the intermediate floor in a high rise building. It beautifies the surroundings and helps to attain low carbon high-performance buildings. It is visible and accessible to the private residential neighbourhoods providing a sense of security, safety, hygiene, and community feeling. The main purpose of this design is to improve the social and physical qualities of a living environment with social sustainability.

Fitness Hotspots :

In today’s time especially in pandemic situations, Fitness and health are the utmost priority. From living in a stressful & fast life, one is keen on fitness. And real estate builders are creating many options for you to be able to destress while saving time. There are jogging tracks, a kids’ play area, Yoga patios, fully equipped gyms, and various sports courts. You can choose the options that interest you the best.

Senior Citizen Amenities :

Our elderly need areas that allow them the peace that they look out for. With amenities like senior citizen parks, butterfly parks and aroma gardens, and even the temples are such places in which the senior citizens can unwind, mingle, and spend life the way they deserve to- hassle-free!

Kids’ Play Zones :

Keeping our children constructively engaged is one of the most significant challenges parents face. Thus, the projects come with a plethora of indoor and outdoor play options for kids of all ages. Right from toddler soft play area to sandpits, kids’ swimming pools to library rooms, gaming rooms, and auditoriums that can hold hobby classes; the developers are doing their bit to help you.

Keeping the needs of today’s customers in mind, Agrawal Builders has come up with Sagar Lifestyle Towers and Sagar Lakeview homes at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Apart from the new landmark destination that offers you a premium lifestyle and design-it-yourself approach, the project also comes with a fully functional modern clubhouse that is home to a host of amenities like a swimming pool, sports courts, gymnasium, yoga room, and a plethora of indoor and outdoor games for the kids. It is the largest functioning club facility in any Bhopal residential complex also the Podium Garden on both the sites is among the largest in Bhopal. The amenities provide for a self-sufficient township will make and shape your lifestyle.

Written By – Mukund Kumar Pandey

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