The Science of Architecture!!

Healthy home creates good health. It is always wealthy health which is important as saying goes in that way “It is health that is real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver”. The practice of Vastu Shastra helps us to focus on our surroundings and to optimize flow of positive energy by incorporating healthy living.

Everyone wants their home a happy place to live in and radiate right kind of energy. According to belief each object in home comes with its own type of energy. A person dwelling in house comes under the influence of certain energy field, which influences him in one or the other way. Thus it is very necessary to understand link between Vastu Shastra and Vibes around.

This cosmic science of Vastu introduces a sense of well-being by using rhythm of nature. By proper placement of objects in your surroundings your life will lead to a positive direction. Your health is directly connected to your environment. When your house has good Vastu your life will be joyful, harmonious and healthy. Good Vastu can always keep your body and mind rejuvenated, can help you in speedy recovery in case of any illness and reduce stress.

Some basic tips for your home can be as follows:

  • The main door of your house should be constructed in a manner that when you step out, you face north, east or north east direction. Main entrance should be well lit.
  • One should never sleep facing north. According to Shastra human body acts as magnet when head is faced towards North Pole. This may affect blood circulation. Sleeping with head towards south brings calmness.
  • Mirrors in the bedroom should not reflect person while sleeping because that lead to drain of energy and cause morning sickness.
  • A family photograph should be placed should be placed in south – west direction in a golden or yellow frame for healthy relation amongst family members.
  • Number of windows and doors should be in even number.
  • House should be clutter free as it weighs you down and does not allow forward progress. You can’t live a positive life with negative mind.

You cannot buy your health, you must earn it through health living.

Therefore, Vastu Shastra can be used to enhance good health and well-being.

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