“Water – The Driving force of nature”!!

“Water is the mirror of nature.” 

Water acts as huge energy generator. Water feature in any property nay bring positive or negative results to inhabitants and therefore it is very crucial to determine Vastu of any water features. There are basically 2 aspects that determine Vastu of water: 

  1. Placement of water 
  1. Direction of flow 

Placement of water According to Vastu tips:  

  • When water is placed in North-east direction it is considered to be very auspicious. Water placed in this direction brings greatest divine blessings and success to every aspect of life. It also brings name and fame, creates material prosperity and leads to peace, harmony and good fortune. 
  • Similarly, when water is in north direction it brings great success, willpower and good fortune. When placed In East direction the direct rays of rising sun makes it highly beneficial which helps in creating brilliant thoughts, improves Social status and increase noble qualities. 
  • When water is in South-West it is considered to be very dangerous. It creates fear and disaster and also destroys peace amongst family members. It also brings fatal and chronic diseases and harms your peaceful life and ruins your financial life. 
  • Similarly, when water is in South direction it causes mental stress and depression. It is a life risk and affects women strongly. When placed in West becomes life risk to men as it disturbs mental peace and generates strange and immoral behaviour. 

Direction of flowing water According to Vastu tips: 

  • When water flows in North direction it brings prosperity, love between family members and family bonding increases. 
  • When it flows in East direction it brings financial gains. 
  • Therefore, water flowing to Northeast direction brings tremendous prosperity, happiness and all angles of great fortune. 
  • Water flow to South causes depression, anxiety, financial problems and illness. 
  • Water drainage from South  West can cause damage to owner. Can lead to enemies, defamation and chronic illness. 

Thus, for a happy and healthy life we should keep consideration of placement and flow of water which leads to happy mind and healthy souls.  



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