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Generally, a good brand is always preferred while buying utilities, Builders who established a brand emerge as the backbone of the real estate market.
Branded builders & developers worked successfully throughout all phases and transform the sector. The most basic and most important thing required in the real estate sector is to gain trust, and why people going to trust you, just because of your quality of work & commitment. Government rules like RERA have additional transparency in the sector.

Mentioned here are factors why it’s to your benefit to opting for a branded developer :

Lifestyle: When it comes to lifestyle and amenities, the sky is the limit. From aspiring to an elevator that opens into your flat to enjoying an eternity pool or maybe higher a private pool in a very gated community, the list is endless. However, these can not be offered by any developer, even some over-promise. expertise plays a crucial role. Being a powerful brand, reputed builders ace the ability of what’s in trend and the way it is incorporated to suit people’s tastes, whereas having a unique value attached. They’re going to conjointly partner with the specialists within the field, so making certain you get the most effective. In short, branded developers perpetually raise the bar with new options, thus working to your benefits & advantage.

Additionally, they go a step ahead by handholding the responsibility of the maintenance and maintaining the project for a group term and so passing it to the residents once the society is made or outsourced to a management team. This is important because you cannot invest in a project keeping in mind the many features that it offers and you may get disappointed if the project doesn’t fulfill the standards going forward. With a branded developer, you’ll be able to be assured that what’s shown during a project is here to remain.

Information at your fingertips: Today’s Branded developers make the usage of digital platforms to attract more people – delivery in transparency and creating info simply accessible. Once you invest with a branded builder, you may get access to info by ways in which of emails, mobile app/web portal. Via these mediums, you’ve got access to crucial project connected information in terms of construction updates, payment milestones, receipts, etc. Reputed builders or developers smartly use the internet for generating leads and to access more customers and due to these facts, more home-buyer engages themselves with the builder.

Responsible realty: Branded developers are leading the way when it comes to sustainability. Focus on the way homes are being constructed, to ensuring long-term sustainability that will benefit you. Efforts are made to strategically prepared building designs that use maximum natural lighting and are constructed using environmentally friendly construction materials, thus reduced carbon footprint. Furthermore, the incorporation of solutions like rainwater harvesting, wastewater recycling, solar energy for lighting purposes, solid waste management, etc will benefit you while in terms of saving and by reducing the usage of vital resources.

Quality construction and on the plan: With branded developers, you can rest assured that your home will be built with good quality materials, employing all the latest technologies and meeting all the regulatory standards. Even in terms of the amenities, fittings, and fixtures, will be as promised. Most importantly, with a branded developer you can be assured that the project will be RERA registered and will therefore be what was promised. Additionally, with reputed builders, you will be getting timely delivery of the property, which something non-branded builders or developers may fail to achieve.

Easy loan facility availability: Reputed builders or developers are known for their projects and customer testimonials to speak for the reputed brand. Hence, getting a home loan for such branded builders’ projects is easier given that they are in-line with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) guidelines. Various banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), and Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) are associated with such branded builders’ projects and it becomes easier for you to get a loan. Many of these builders will have an in-house loan, registry & legal team to help you with the loan process. Of course, loan availability is subject to various factors like credit score, income, and eligibility.

Written By – Mukund Kumar Pandey

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