Why is it auspicious to buy a home during the Makar Sankranti festival?

With lot of Indians looking for the right time and the right deals to make important purchase decisions like home buying, the New Year period and the Makar Sankranti festival accompanying it are considered as very auspicious. Makar Sankranti marks beginning of the new era and is celebrated across India. The onset of harvest season is celebrated with the purchase of jewellery and property, seeing it as a sign of prosperity. 

During this season of festival starting from October ending in January, the property market experiences a boost, as the overall factors of home buying stand largely in support of the buyers. The desire to finalize and own a  property seems to be more strong and intense as the mood among homebuyers is upbeat with the optimism related to the time. Above all the traditional trend is so strong, that this period of spiritual sentiment marks happiness, where it results in an adult getting a place for their golden years and children grow up in a safe and secured environment. 

The price factor also seems to be in favour of buyers as attractive schemes start well in advance and last a while even after Makar Sankranti. There will be enough time to plan and decide on the financial matters and other security factors. Thus, these schemes and play a key deciding factor in home buying. 

Make use of this auspicious period; take your first steps to owning a flat in Bhopal this Sankranti season. 

“May sun radiate prosperity, peace and happiness in your life. Happy Makar Sankranti.”

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